GigRally UI Design

GigRally is a SaaS Webapp created for business owners to manage the cost of freelancers. It allows business owners and freelancers to create agreements, for fixed cost and variable projects. Allowing the client to keep up to date with their project spending for resources. I was asked to create the UI for the desktop as well as a few screens for the mobile app. For this project, I used Adobe XD, creating the UX wireframes as well as the high fidelity prototype for developer hand-off.
Two versions of screens such as the dashboard and job cards were created, one for the freelancer and one for the client. The client’s screen (above) had more emphasis on the financial status.
Filterable table view so that you can easily find a job and see it’s current status.

A mobile version for freelancers was also created, mainly because it’s likely that freelancers may need access on their phones on the go.

A modal created, which appears when the user creates a job.

You can view GigRally here

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